I have an individual approach to each of my students.  Every person has a different set of skills, talents, and needs! Before starting the course I try to assess student's interests and learning objectives. Then, I'll prepare a tailor-made class program. 



45 minutes: 60 zł

60 minutes: 70 zł

90 minutes: 90 zł

Skype: 50 zł / 60 minutes



In the case of two or more meetings per week or group classes, I'll set an individual price. 


class at your place: + 20 zł

weekend class: + 20 zł



This price includes all didactic materials. 

While working with adults I prefer to use interactive materials. Don't waste paper - let's go green!

While working with kids I use paper materials as well to improve their handwriting skills. 


Do you need me to help you with some translations or check your texts?  Please contact me.  I'll set the individual price just for you.



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Do you need an individual offer? Do you want to work together? Just call me!

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